For a successful future… 5 Reasons that will make you want to study in Malaysia.

Studying abroad is one of the most important aspirations of young to develop their knowledge and work for better opportunities. As long as you made your decision to take this step that may completely change your life, the role comes to choosing the right country to pursue your studies, take a good care of research to find the perfect university that suits your interest and your budget.

In our End, we will assist you find your destination and offer you top 5 features that makes Malaysia number 11 worldwide in students’ attraction.


As an introduction to Malaysia, it is one of the safest and most stable countries in the world, with a relatively very low crime rate. In 2011 Malaysia was ranked the 19th most peaceful country in the world out of 153 countries. The country is also characterized by its many attractions, making it destination to live.

The weather is sunny and rainy all year round. It is also adaptable, with moderate climate conditions. Each year both the Malaysian Government and its Higher education Institutes offer a number of scholarships, loans and financial assistance to international and local students, making it one of the most targeted countries in which students are looking for to further their studies.


1- Affordable Tuition Fees:

When it comes to Financials, Tuition Fees in Malaysia are low compared to other countries such as United Kingdom, The United States, Australia and Canada. Although the content of courses in Malaysia and other countries is very similar, students can obtain certified certificates at a relatively lower cost than from other countries.


2- Improve the level of English:

Malaysia offers a great opportunity for students to learn and master new languages. According to the diversity of cultures and languages which makes it easy to communicate with Malaysians as the wide use of English language there. The majority of international students speak English as it is the medium of instruction. Also, Students can take English proficiency courses before starting their main program at the University.


3- Technology and Multimedia Centre

Malaysia is one of the leading countries in the technological field, keeping pace with the information age through a series of leading initiatives or applications involving e-government, schools, smart universities and R & D groups.

Universities are among the most important technological institutions in Malaysia as they develop their facilities and  curriculum according to the latest global technological developments, and offer technology and innovation centers with international experts and scientists. For instance “The Technology and Innovation Centre (CTI)” of the University of Asia Pacific


4- High academic standards and international recognition:

Malaysia is following the global academic standards using modern teaching methods and provides disciplines covering all fields, such as engineering, medical, technical and administrative, to ensure that the students have educational qualifications with recognized international standards. It also offers students the opportunity to obtain international degrees, as Malaysia is keen to work in many partnerships with universities of foreign countries such as British and Australian universities and other international universities, where many branches of these foreign  universities are established in Malaysia, such as the British University of Nottingham, Herriot Watt University and the Australian University of Monash.


5- High economic development:

Economic development in Malaysia is a leading example of development in a short period of time, shifting within a few decades from the export of raw materials to the largest South-East Asian exporters of industrial goods and technology, and the Economic Development Plan has made tremendous progress in reducing unemployment, reaching 3.3% in the 2019. It also allows students to work for no more than 20 hours a week and on vacation days in addition to studying.

In conclusion, dear student, you can make an unforgettable experience in Malaysia.

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